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The 10 Most Generous Countries

The Charities Aid Foundation is a non-profit organisation headquartered in the United Kingdom that helps charities and the people who donate to them. It also publishes an annual report on the world’s most giving countries. According to the organisation, 140 countries throughout the world are ranked in terms of how charitable they are. The goal is to provide insight into the global nature of donating. The World Giving Index assesses three aspects of generosity: the amount of people who volunteer, help strangers, and make monetary donations. CAF polled nearly 145,000 people from 139 countries for the newest ranking, averaging their responses to any of the three categories. Here are the top ten most giving countries, according to the data.

For the past four years, Myanmar has continuously earned the title of world’s most giving country. Despite the fact that it is a lower middle-income country with limited means to compete with superpowers, it defied the conventional wisdom that charity is linked to riches. In 2016, a stunning 91 percent of the population said they had given money to charity. Myanmar’s benevolence is tied to the country’s popularity of Buddhism. Giving food, money, and other material support to the monks is popular throughout the country.

Indonesia is in second place, with 79 percent of the population donating to charity, while the Maltese are in third place, with 73 percent of the population donating. For the second year in a row, Indonesia came in second in terms of money contributed, with the highest ranking among the G20’s largest economies. The study was performed in August, during Ramadan, when most people are expected to give to charity. This could explain Indonesia’s high position. Tax reductions on donations to cultural areas enhanced charitable giving in Malta.


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