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The Most Successful Financial Service Companies In Europe

The European Union would be the second largest frugality after the United States if it were a single state. According to the IMF, the GDP as at January 2017 was$16.5 trillion ( nominal) and$20.7 trillion (PPP). Some of the world’s largest chains are plant in Europe and induce millions in profit. These are the largest fiscal companies in Europe in terms of profit generated.

The Internationale Nederlanden Groep (ING) is a banking and fiscal services pot with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s a transnational company that engages in direct, retail, marketable, and investment banking. It also deals with insurance service and asset operation. ING is a member of an eleven- member group of the most prominent banks in Europe known as theInter-Alpha Group of Banks. The bank has a labor force of about serving further than 48 million people and institutions in further than 40 countries. In 2016, its profit totaled$150.571 billion while its means totaled$ 845 billion.

French transnational insurance and Investment operation establishment AXA ranked second with total profit of$142.712 billion and an asset base of€887.07 billion. The Paris grounded pot was among the top three fiscal brands in the world in 2016. It operates in Western Europe, Asia Pacific region, North American and the Middle East. AXA core products are operation, health and life insurance, property insurance, casualty insurance. In 2011, AXA ranked below Barclays and Above State Street Corporation to rank second in the global fiscal stability and request competition indicator.

German transnational pot Allianz SE ranked third with profit of, and means totaling€848.9 billion as of 2015. The pot is headquartered in Munich and its products are Insurance and asset operation. As at 2014, Allianz was the largest insurance and fiscal services group company in the world before it was surpassed by AXA. In 2008 Allianz vended a larger proportion of its banking sect; the Dresdner Bank to Commerzbank and gained 14 stake in the new Commerzbank. Allianz SE accessories include Allianz France, Allianz Insurance plc, Allianz Global Investors among several others. It operates in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.


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