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The Poorest Cities In The US

The high poverty rates in America’s poorest communities are due to a combination of profitable, demographic, and geographic reasons. The public poverty rate, according to the US Census Bureau, is roughly12.3 percent. In the United States, this corresponds to roughly 40 million individualities living in poverty. Both the number of individualities in a family and the position of the ménage determine the poverty line. Flint, Michigan, is the poorest megacity in the United States, with a poverty rate of just under 40.

Located inMid-Michigan, Flint is the seventh largest megacity in Michigan with a population of. Once a booming automotive city, Flint has seen its share of heads since the 1980s. The megacity made major captions around the world in 2014 for being the point of a major water extremity, thanks to pipes defiled with lead. Moment,38.9 of Flint’s population lives below the poverty line. The per capita income in Flint is$.
Like Flint, the megacity of Gary, Indiana, has also been a victim of deindustrialization, white flight, and disinvestment. Located only around 25 country miles from town Chicago, Gary is plant in northern Indiana with a population of. One home to veritably successful sword manufactories, moment numerous businesses and homes sit abandoned in Gary.36.3 of the megacity’s population lives below the poverty line. The per capita income in the megacity is$.

Camden, New Jersey, is located just across the swash from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the megacity suffers from high degrees of civic scar and the third loftiest poverty rate in the country, at35.7. The per capita income in Camden is$ and the severance rate is19.6. Poverty rates among children are particularly high in Camden.
With residers and a land area of around3.244 square country miles, Passaic New Jersey is one of the nation’s most densely peopled metropolises as well as one of its poorest. The poverty rate within the megacity stands at 35. Passaic is the alternate New Jersey megacity to make the top five. New Jersey has a poverty rate of around 11, state-wide. Still, some activists in the state advise that the poverty paycheck may actually be advanced than this in practice. The poverty rate in New Jersey is said to have worsened since the recession of 2008.
Youngstown is a megacity in northern Ohio, around 60 country miles from Cleveland. Youngstown marks the halfway point between Chicago and New York City, two of the largest metropolises in the United States. There are around people living in Youngstown,34.9 of whom are living below the poverty line. The ménage income of Youngstown is estimated at around$.


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