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What Was “Miracle On The Han River?”

The expression” Phenomenon On The Han River”refers to the period when South Korea began its metamorphosis from one of the poorest countries in the world to the profitable hustler it’s moment. South Korea has surfaced as a model country for social-profitable substance in the fate of the” Phenomenon On The Han River.”

Chang Myon, the Prime Minister of South Korea, used the expression during his New Year address in 1961, in which he prompted his fellow South Koreans to persist in the face of change while remaining enthusiastic about profitable growth. The expression was espoused from a analogous expression,” Phenomenon on the Rhine,”which was chased in reference to West Germany’s rapid-fire profitable comeback following WWII.

In 1910, Japan’s Imperial Empire incorporated Korea as a colony and spent considerably in its development. As a result of the Empire’s investments, Unified Korea would suffer fast modernisation and industrialization in the 1930s and 1940s. The fruits of the phenomenal profitable smash, on the other hand, were enjoyed simply by the Japanese, leaving the maturity of Koreans poor. Korea’s profitable progress was oppressively hampered by Japan’s participation in WWII, specially in the Pacific Theater, and at the end of the war, Korea was among the world’s poorest countries.

The Korean War in themid-twentieth century deteriorated the Korean promontory’s profitable status but redounded in the establishment of the Republic of South Korea. South Korea’s frugality was substantially erected on agrarian at the time, and the incipient nation began redivision of land preliminarily possessed by the Imperial Japanese government in the 1960s. During this time, during the Second Republic of South Korea, the expression was chased. Despite the fact that this phase in the country’s history lasted slightly a time, it had a significant impact on the country’s profitable fortune and set South Korea on the route to getting a global profitable hustler.


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